How to Make Money in Advertising Photography - No Matter Where You Live!
Big Town or Small - There Is a Market for You in Advertising!
I'm a retired advertising photographer living on the banks of the Mississippi. I now travel, write, and publish a Start Up Guide for photographers who wish to work as advertising photographers. My constant companion is my dog, (she hates that word) Zinger. We're getting older but we aren't done yet. She can't always travel with me since she says, "Some places have barbaric regulations about animals."

All Businesses and Craftspeople Need Photography
I spent 20 years in the world of big time advertising photography with it's brutal competition and constant insecurity before I discovered that there was a better way.

95% of all potential advertising accounts are small and medium size businesses who don't use the big ad agencies and big name photographers, but who have a need for good photography and printed materials to use that photography.

If you follow my plan, you can provide both to a market that sees few professionals. You can be "that professional" regardless of where you live.
It Isn't Necessary - or Even Helpful to Be A Salesperson
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